Green and White Stars – Lacquered Paper Earrings

I’ve been on a “stars” kick lately. Possibly prompted by the coolness of Chris Hadfield and his music video from space – and by the way, here’s a link to his YouTube video via my Pinterest page. The guy is just great (and he can even sing!)

But anyway, all that just reminded me that I get a kick out of star earrings – and so did a special customer who wanted Green and White. Here’s a peek at her earrings:

green and white lacquered paper stars earrings from Paper Jewels

Available by special order in your choice of colors – I haven’t even got them onsite yet. And oh that’s right – very temporarily we’re having a little shopping cart issue, so if you’d like to request some custom work, just send me an email – there’s a link on every page at Paper Jewels.

Gotta love little computer / shopping cart arguments! But it’ll be cleared up pronto 🙂

Kanji jewelry with a ruby lacquered heart – and Love

Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted! Don’t know how that happened but I am definitely getting into it lately. And I wanted to post a pic of a necklace I just finished.

Ruby Red Heart Necklace - the Japanese kanji says Love

The kanji Ai, or Love, is probably the most popular and requested kanji for custom work. Which makes sense when you think about it. When somebody is asking for a custom necklace or pair of earrings for a loved one, well, they want to convey that love! And hearts, well, to a lot of people in Western culture, hearts mean Love.

And that’s a nice sentiment for a present, I think 🙂