Kanji dogtag necklace says Ansatsusha, or Assassin

I’ve had a surprising number of requests for this kanji – or maybe, not so surprising. The kanji says Ansatsusha, or Assassin, and you can probably guess why it’s popular. (Hint: this is not anything political, and there is no actual death involved.)

lacquered paper dogtag necklace with the japanese kanji ansatsusha or assassin

It’s shown here in neutral gray with black kanji but I usually make these to order – you can request your favorite color. Or another kanji, for that matter. What would you like to see on a dogtag necklace?

Second most popular, right now? Meiyo, or Honor. Makes you think people admire warriors. And courage, and honor.

(Well – that or badass fighters, anyway.)

Hime (Princess) Kanji Earrings

These were made as a special request for a customer – and I think they turned out well!

hime kanji purple earrings

The kanji “Hime” translates as “Princess”, which you can imagine is kind of popular with girls. Just for fun :-)

Shown here in purple but of course we can make them in your colors too!

The paper, glass and silver bracelet says Love

I’m so tickled to be able to offer Paper Jewels bracelets! This silver link bracelet, for example:

japanese kanji bracelet that says Love

And, because the centerpiece is made with a glass cabochon over paper (rather than multiple layers of lacquer) it takes much less time to make – and it costs less :-) This is a win!

It’s available at Paper Jewels of course – and the colors and length are customizable – of course. You can probably think of other kanji you might like to see, too. (Hint – just ask!)

Pretty heart necklace (a great gift for Mom!)

This aqua, green and orange hearts necklace is a customer favorite this spring – from the comments I’ve been getting, it’s because these are such “happy colors”. I think that’s a fine description :-)

paper jewelry - aqua green and orange hearts necklace

Neutrals are fine, black and white can be jazzy and powerful, but sometimes rich, pretty, happy color is the way to go.

And (hint) this makes a fine Mother’s Day gift :-)

Mother’s Day gifts – these kanji earrings say Mother

These pretty, patterned earrings are making a bit of a splash for me this spring – they say Haha, or Mother, in Japanese kanji:

Japanese kanji paper earrings that say Mother

Like all Paper Jewels they’re lightweight – so they’re comfy. I don’t know about you but that matters to me! Of course they can be special ordered in custom colors (and can be made smaller or larger) – though I do have to say, people have been very receptive to this blue zircon, green and golden combo.

And of course, Mother’s Day holiday is coming. Just sayin!

Earrings that say Bijin – beautiful woman

I’m having fun with color right now! These new paper earrings have the Japanese kanji that says bijin, or beautiful woman – and with the connotation of hot babe :-)

purple and green paper earrings with the Japanese kanji that says bijin... beautiful woman

Yes of course these can be made using other colors – but I have to say, I do like this rich combo. These aren’t huge – about one inch high – but they’ve got a lot of impact. Which is kind of fun, for a lightweight pair of earrings.

We need more fun, don’t you agree? So: we need more of these earrings. Logical ;-)

Pretty pink necklace – the kanji Tenshi says “Angel”

This is one of my new favorites! It’s a pretty little necklace, I love the graceful navetete shape, and, well, moms seem to like wearing a necklace that says “Angel” :-)

Japanese kanji pink necklace says Tenshi or Angel

I don’t know if it’s because they think their kids are angels – or maybe hubby thinks she’s an angel for putting up with them (or him)! Either way, it’s a pretty color, and fun to wear for spring.

And Mother’s Day is coming :-)

Kanji dogtag necklace says “Samurai”

The kanji “Samurai” has been one of my most-requested custom kanji, and dogtag necklaces are pretty popular – I think because both men and women can wear them easily. I just finished this new kanji dogtag necklace:

dogtag necklace that says Samurai in japanese kanji

I think people are drawn to the Samurai kanji because the idea of an honorable, noble warrior is one that we all appreciate – it’s not so far from the strong, silent American cowboy in the Wild West, except maybe for a bit more discipline (and a boss, or shogun) for many samurai. But a brave warrior? That’s an ideal we can respect.

I made this first necklace in dark khaki at a customer request – but there will be more :-)

New japanese kanji earrings that say “Love”

The kanji on these earrings says Ai – which means Love. They’re about 1-1/2″ long but very lightweight (and comfy – I’m big on that) – and they’re just super fun for spring :-)

Japanese kanji pink and purple paper earrings that say Love

I show them here in light purple, lilac and pink – but you can choose your own color combo (of course). Custom made, her favorite colors, and hmm, Valentine’s Day is coming.

This could be a big win-win :-)

Lacquered Paper Penguin Pin – fun customer favorite

Oh dear. That title makes it sound like it’s a favorite of “Fun Customers” when what I meant is, it’s a fun pin that’s a customer favorite. That makes sense, right?

Penguin Pin closeup

I’ve made this little guy (or girl, hmm, I think you have to be a vet – or a penguin – to tell for sure) in several sizes. Mostly the same colors of course, because I’m trying to be sort-of-realistic…. but you know, it tells me that a lot of people love penguins. I know I do – so it kind of makes my day when someone requests one – it’s always a joy to make one of my Penguins :-)