New pansy earrings

These are a more modern version of the traditional “first anniversary” pansy earrings that are so popular. They’re clean-lined marquis ovals, almost abstract – but still recognizably pansies. And pretty, lightweight, and fun :-)

modern pansy earrings in my Paper Jewels shop

As shown here, they’re about 1-1/4″ high, though I’ve almost made them quite a bit smaller (about 3/4″) – and one time, almost 3″ high! The customer wanted big lightweight earrings, and she loved that she could wear them all day in comfort.

Because I totally believe in comfort – And style, of course ;-)

Pansies, the traditional first anniversary flower

This is something I hadn’t known till recently: pansies are considered the traditional “first anniversary” flower. I’ve always thought pansies were beautiful, with their wonderful variety and colorations. Now I have another reason to love them :-)

And they’re probably the most popular flower in my shop, for earrings and necklaces – and now I know (another reason) why. Tradition. Wedding anniversaries. Pansy flowers. They go together like, well, love and marriage.

pansy earrings at Paper Jewels...with amethyst and Swarovski crystal elements

Plus: girly, pretty, and feminine. Just like flower earrings should be ;-)

Pretty floral earrings

I like to try new designs, and occasionally really big earrings, because with paper earrings they can still be comfy. But I tend to come back to more delicate shapes, and little floral patterns are among my customer favorites. Like these:

red floral paper earrings at Paper Jewels

They’re just over 1″ long (big enough to have some presence, but still delicate and of course lightweight). And the little Swarovski crystal beads add just a bit of sparkle. And they’re girly, when you’re in that sort of mood :-)

Pretty heart necklace (a great gift for Mom!)

This aqua, green and orange hearts necklace is a customer favorite this spring – from the comments I’ve been getting, it’s because these are such “happy colors”. I think that’s a fine description :-)

paper jewelry - aqua green and orange hearts necklace

Neutrals are fine, black and white can be jazzy and powerful, but sometimes rich, pretty, happy color is the way to go.

And (hint) this makes a fine Mother’s Day gift :-)

Mother’s Day gifts – these kanji earrings say Mother

These pretty, patterned earrings are making a bit of a splash for me this spring – they say Haha, or Mother, in Japanese kanji:

Japanese kanji paper earrings that say Mother

Like all Paper Jewels they’re lightweight – so they’re comfy. I don’t know about you but that matters to me! Of course they can be special ordered in custom colors (and can be made smaller or larger) – though I do have to say, people have been very receptive to this blue zircon, green and golden combo.

And of course, Mother’s Day holiday is coming. Just sayin!

Lacquered Paper Penguin Pin – fun customer favorite

Oh dear. That title makes it sound like it’s a favorite of “Fun Customers” when what I meant is, it’s a fun pin that’s a customer favorite. That makes sense, right?

Penguin Pin closeup

I’ve made this little guy (or girl, hmm, I think you have to be a vet – or a penguin – to tell for sure) in several sizes. Mostly the same colors of course, because I’m trying to be sort-of-realistic…. but you know, it tells me that a lot of people love penguins. I know I do – so it kind of makes my day when someone requests one – it’s always a joy to make one of my Penguins :-)

Fun New Earrings with Crystal, Chain, and yes, Paper

I have to say, I am having a good time with these new earrings! Case in point:

Aqua, cream, orange, and green rystal, chain, and paper earrings

This is what jewelry ought to be: lightweight, comfortable, cute. And did I mention fun? These are made with several layers of lacquered paper (natch), silver plated chain (with an anti-tarnish finish!), silver plated jump rings for a little added movement and texture, and sparkling Swarovski crystals. And they’re only 1-1/2″ long. And they can be made as clip-ons too of course.

Yes, they are not priceless diamonds – if that’s where you’re going my shop is probably not your first choice, and by the way may I say I admire your taste. But if you’d rather have Cool Jewelry than Ultra Fine Jewelry? You are going to love these :-)

(P.S. Yes, we can make them in your favorite colors. Or hers. You know that.)

New Glass and Paper Kanji Earrings

These kanji earrings use a new technique I’ve been working on – a way to combine paper jewelry with sparkling rhinestones, classic glass jewels, and glass cabochons. Paper + glass = sparkly earrings. And this new technique saves me time – which makes them cost less!

Here’s a new pair. These kanji earrings say Tsuma, or Wife:

Paper Jewels Glass and Paper Earrings with Japanese kanji Wife

The simple black kanji has a smattering of color as if adding a shadow; so you get a bit of depth, and in these earrings, a bit of sparkle.

Of course, since these are made with a paper design under glass, they make a great first year anniversary gift. Not that that’s a hint or anything :-)

(Yes, it is.)

Green and White Stars – Lacquered Paper Earrings

I’ve been on a “stars” kick lately. Possibly prompted by the coolness of Chris Hadfield and his music video from space – and by the way, here’s a link to his YouTube video via my Pinterest page. The guy is just great (and he can even sing!)

But anyway, all that just reminded me that I get a kick out of star earrings – and so did a special customer who wanted Green and White. Here’s a peek at her earrings:

green and white lacquered paper stars earrings from Paper Jewels

Available by special order in your choice of colors – I haven’t even got them onsite yet. And oh that’s right – very temporarily we’re having a little shopping cart issue, so if you’d like to request some custom work, just send me an email – there’s a link on every page at Paper Jewels.

Gotta love little computer / shopping cart arguments! But it’ll be cleared up pronto :-)

Custom Earring Colors – Part Two

I thought I’d show you another example of a request for custom-made earrings. These were more of a departure from the original pair…design does morph in interesting ways! This was the pair that started the discussion:

Light blue and lime green heart earrings

She wanted some purple in there, and maybe a floral pattern rather than the sort-of-geometric heart pattern here. So, well, one thing led to another – and did I mention she needed her earrings to be clip-ons? By the way that’s never a problem, I can always adapt a pierced earring style to make clip-ons. Or vice versa.

And after the back-and-forth process, here are her earrings:

Purple Floral Heart Clip On Earrings from Paper Jewels

And, gotta say, the absolute best part – is that she loves them :-)