Yeah, we’re broke – but we’re rich.

Don’t get me wrong, we struggle with money like most everybody. We scrape to pay bills, we do without a *lot* (cable is a goner and actually I don’t really miss it. Well, except for Jon Stewart). My car is 6 years old. We just got a used lawn mower. Our fridge is getting ready to die.

But also: we’re rich. I am so not a do-goodie type and I moan and bitch with the best of them.

But: we’ve got running water. And heat – and the spring is coming so early, we’re lucky, we’ve got AC too! I have to watch the food budget all the time but we eat EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We have our own house. Well, us and the bank. I have a sometimes-self-supporting at-home job. My DH has a good job though it’s tough and hard on him. We’ve got trees and grass and two happy dogs. We’re mostly healthy, knock wood.

Did I mention we eat every single day?

You tell me that’s not rich? Ask half the people in this world. More than half. A lot more.

Oh yeah. We’re rich.

Getting off the little soapbox now. But think about it.

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