Vintage Glass Jewels – and Photographing Silver…Yikes

Silver is beautiful. It’s also – how to put this politely – okay. Call it a Challenge to photograph 🙂

I have some lovely vintage glass jewels in my Jewelry Supplies Shop on Etsy:

Vintage Glass Jewels in my Etsy shop

I’ve recently gotten some silver plated settings for my pretty vintage jewels – and I’d forgotten what a challenge silver can be to photograph! If it’s clean and shining (like these settings) – it reflects nearby colors almost like a mirror. Place the settings on a wood background – which is usually a good choice – and guess what? The silver looks tan, beige or bronze – the color(s) of aged brass! Well brass is wonderful – I use (and sell) a lot of it – but the point here is to show the silver!

I’m working on it. The composite above shows some of the pics that worked – and as you can see, those silver settings are highlighted by a lot of colors besides just “silver”.

This is going to be an ongoing project – better pics, more silver (plated) settings, more silver all around – and more of a learning curve. So – stay tuned, this will be continued!

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