Reuse – Recycle – RETHINK

I meant to post this yesterday for Earth Day but kinda missed…. but this doesn’t need to just be an “Earth Day” idea. We can all learn to see with new eyes. To “rethink” – how can I use this? do I have to throw it away to just fill up a landfill, or can I do something totally new with it?

You know, usually we CAN.

I ran across this picture (sorry didn’t save the link, I was having a leaky brain day) – if you know where it’s from (or it’s yours!) please let me know so I can give credit where it’s due! Take a look at this terrific basket:

Recycled Newspaper Baskets.

It’s made from rolled-up newspapers, and I don’t have directions so will be experimenting myself. Roll the newspaper tightly to make tubes – lots of them. Start to coil your basket, securing the coils with cotton string? Clear fishing line, IF you already have some and would not be buying new…. Or, maybe colorful cotton strips torn from an old sheet (okay, CUT from an old sheet – sheets are tough and strong!) Or yarn you have anyway? Anything that could be used to “sew” the coils together.

The basket would be lightweight and strong (paper is very very strong in compressed layers). I bet there are lots of adaptations we can think of, using this general idea.

Recycle, reuse, rethink 🙂

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