Purple, Amethyst, Lilac – February Birthday Colors

Let’s face it, it’s the middle of winter, and some color is looking really good right now. And if you’re a February baby, your colors are rich purple, shimmering amethyst, lively lilac 🙂

How about a pair of vintage boots – in purple?

Purple Faux Suede Vintage Boots from To Be Determined on Etsy

They’re gorgeous purple, they’re faux suede (the best kind), they’re only $28.00 – and they’re purple! How can you go wrong? And if they’re gone when you go to peek, stay and look around – the Etsy shop is To Be Determined – on Etsy and she has lots more vintage goodies at great prices!

Of course, you can also get a pretty pair of earrings (insert blowing-own’s-horn-here) from my own Paper Jewels shop 🙂
Like these:

Custom Lacquered Paper Purple and Amethyst Earrings with Your Name in Japanese

This example says “Alicia” in Japanese kanji – but of course you can choose any name (or word) you like. Perhaps the birthday girl? Or your own name?

Get some color, get some purple, celebrate a February birthday!

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