Eco Felt: Made from Plastic Bottles!

I’m one of those people who makes stuff. I sew, I do crafts, I make things for the house, etc etc. And I’m fairly knowledgeable about fabric. Felt is a fabric that used to be made out of, well, smushed up wool leftovers. It’s always offered great vivid colors, but it ‘pills’ and frays and it’s not sturdy, so oh well.

But! I have been re-educated here. Not only have I found some great colors in oh-so-useful felt, but it is made ENTIRELY from recycled stuff – even better, from recycled bottles! They’ve made a soft fabric – from bottles. And it’s not expensive!

Eco Felt Fabric made from Recycled Bottles

The colors are clear and vivid – and from what the vendor writes, the fabric does NOT fray or fall apart in the wash. (Old-style felt, forget it, you wouldn’t dare toss it in the washer). And she has it in many colors! And she even has it in this camoflauge pattern!

Camouflage pattern eco-felt made from recycled bottlesCamouflage felt fabric!

Now honestly, that wouldn’t be my personal choice – but lots of people would love it (imagine a pillow made with this felt, sitting on your couch in the den).

I will happily promote this vendor – K and C Supplies on Etsy. She is finding / sourcing / selling a product that is not only entirely recycled, but it’s pretty and soft and nice!

Talk about the best of all possible products. Go buy some!

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