Cool Tee – Organic and Eco Friendly

Gotta love this. I was peeking around and found this majorly good-looking tee…. it’s casual but with a little extra spiff 🙂 That’s my kind of style…

Then I read a little about it and saw it’s made with organic cotton and water-based inks (solvent free) which is very high on my list of “this is how clothes should be made”.

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy secondhand clothing, many of which actually benefit you personally, no matter your lifestyle, you can sell in Flyp!! go check it out !

Buying secondhand clothes also benefits the environment in a big way, making it a win-win.

Whether you’re unsure if buying secondhand clothes is for you, or maybe you just want to educate yourself of the perks, this post will open your mind to the idea of shopping secondhand clothing.

It might even make you excited to get to your nearest thrift store.

Eco Friendly Tee - Yummy Colors

It’s from Harrilu and no she didn’t bribe me to mention it – I just think her work is cool 🙂

You’ll never pay anywhere near full price, and this is great for when you find high-quality clothing from brand names that you know and trust.

The amount of savings will of course depend on the thrift stores near you – they’re all different.

So explore the secondhand shops in your area to see who has the best clothes/deals, or find other spots in your area to get secondhand items.

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