Working out of a Cardboard Box – No, Really

And it’s not what you think. At least, if you think it means carrying a box of stuff to wherever you are that day. Nope, this is more of an inspirational piece. These guys have an office with all their furniture (and etc, it looks like) made from cardboard. And it’s fabulous.

Cardboard Box Office - 1
Cardboard Box Office - 1
Cardboard Box Office - 1

The office is in Amsterdam. Is it my imagination, or is there a LOT of inspiration and innovation coming from that corner of the world?

I haven’t tried to post all the pics here – go over to The Fast Company Blog to read the full article. And check out The Little Green Blog which is where I learned about this cool office. Little Green Blog is going on my check-it-a-lot list – there are so many green ideas over here. Not only green – but useful and practical and sensible.

I’m not expecting we’re all going to go out and build our offices out of cardboard. But looking at these pics (and there’s more links to visit for ideas) it reminds me that ordinary materials can be turned into something pretty special. And it makes me want to figure out ways to use cardboard more. In layers, bonded together, cardboard is strong. And it can be – well, you know. Reused, rethought, and recycled 🙂

Dryer Sheets – don’t use them – but if you do, REuse them!

So first off I should say that I never use dryer sheets. I don’t think we need them (the only thing that ever gets static-y is the few silk things we’ve got, and I’m totally willing to deal with that). I think it is a deliberate Proctor-and-Grumble-ish advertising invention to make us think we need them. And, we have birds. The fake perfume in the dryer sheets is poison to birds (and to us too, only we are bigger).

But a whole lot of people do use them, and think they need them. So I’m just asking, if you buy them, please do reuse them! Turns out there are a bunch of nifty things to do with them. These ideas aren’t original with me – I’ve gotten this handy list from Daily Green Cheapskate over on Yahoo. (Love that name, by the way.)
Dryer Softener SheetsA few highlights from the “how to reuse dryer sheets” list:

1. Use them more than once. (Back when I did use them, years ago, this totally worked. They’re good for three-four washes at least.)

2. Anti-static dust wipes (use them to clean your monitor and TV screen – they’re great for that).

3. Pot scrubbers and sink / tub scrubs.

4. Dust-free blinds: Not only do spent dryer sheets make a handy wipe for metal and plastic blinds, but the chemicals in them help to repel dust.

5. Get your shine on: When used as a polishing rag, dryer sheets make mirrors and chrome appliances shine. They’re also great for cleaning windows and other glass.

They’re also recommended as sort-of-sachet. Put one in your glove box or underwear drawer so you can smell that creepy sweet scent for ages. (Can you tell I don’t like the smell? Yeah.)

Check out the full article here.

And for even more super useful info on how to go green easily, go to The Green Cheapskate Blog. There are TONS of good ideas there.

And it’s fun. And you’ll feel good about it 🙂

Wall Art – Vinyl Stickers for Grown Ups

Okay, you want to spruce up your place, and you want it to be (1) easy, (2) affordable, (3) great looking, and did I mention (4) easy?

You really should check out the vinyl wall art – stickers for grownups! at Savvy Gal Designs on Etsy.

Like this fabulous graphic:

Wall Art Vinyl Stickers for Grownups

These are great for renters – easy to apply *and* to take down.

Personalize your space! Not only can you apply them vertically or horizontally, you can choose your own color. Go for it!

Art Flea KC

No, this post is not about fleas. It’s about a Flea Market – the coolest one you’ll ever find 🙂

ArtFleaKC Blog
ArtFleaKC is a group of artists who got together and rented an extremely terrific loft-type space, gathered up tables and tea (or at least coffee), and put together a weekly Flea Market for handmade, artist original goods. They’re just gearing up for holiday sales so this is a great time to check them out.

Handknitted goods, some fine looking jewelry, paintings, drawings, and more every Saturday – and get this: every item is under $50! (Ahem… there might be a few exceptions. Artists are allowed to bring a few higher-ticket pieces. But I mean, a FEW.) The whole idea of this get-together is to find art that’s not only cool and original – but affordable.

Every Saturday in KC at 16th and Holmes, 10-5. Check it out!

And they have a magician 🙂