Beautiful Simplicity in Decorating – Definitely DYI!

Please take a look at these pics. And tell me if you agree with me – I bet you will – that they are beautiful, and refreshing, and soul-calming.

Beautiful rooms in Filicudi Italy - as seen in
Beautiful rooms in Filicudi Italy – as seen in

It makes me feel good just to look at the pics. And it inspires me. Yes, these rooms are in an exotic (to me) island halfway around the world. But the ideas here are absolutely universal.

USE LESS STUFF. Clear out the clutter. Have a wonderful color. Let the light in.

Let me be sure to give credit where it’s due – I found these wonderful pictures, and more you will love, over at Totally inspirational!

This is completely do it yourself. GET RID OF SOME STUFF. Let the bones of the room show. Add some light. Take away some of the crap.

Do I seem to be stuck on that idea? Well, yeah, I am. Use less – and love what you have, MORE.

PS You may have noticed that I included this post in the category “Going Green”, and I haven’t mentioned recycling once (till now). But I have mentioned “using less” – and that is a very important green idea!

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