A great recycling idea – phone book into pencil cup

Now this is very cool. Take an old phone book (yeah, we’ve all got them, and who uses phone books anymore?) – and turn it into a useful, funky, and attractive pencil cup holder for your desk.

Upcycled phone book into pencil cup - first pic
recycled phone book into pencil cup - second pic, with your colors

I found this nifty idea over at Chico and Jo’s Blog and they have pages and pages of terrific do-it-yourself ideas.

Of course they also show you how to do it, and as you can see, you can use the phone book “au natural” or choose your own colors. And you’ll probably think of other variations to make it your very own.

So – a useful and decorative way to get a little more organized, and if you’re like me, you can really use THAT.

And it’s fun, and it’s recycled, and it’s practically free. Too cool!

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