Folding Table – Great for Small Space Decorating – DIY!

I found this great example of a folding table – use it when you need it, then fold it back against the wall and use it as a picture frame!

Folding Table
Folding Table – found at Geekgirlfinds Blog

The exact method of how to make the table (it didn’t even occur to me that maybe you could buy it!) isn’t given – but if you look at the pic you can see pretty clearly how it could be done. Use piano hinges on the edge of the table that’s supported by the wide wall cleat, and the two upper hooks could swivel to support the table – or picture frame – when it rests up against the wall. Play around with ideas, you’ll think of easy ways to do it.

It’s the idea that’s super valuable. Make a table (top) that’s just the size you need, sand it, paint it, and use the legs as your picture frame. Graphic, cool, and it wouldn’t cost much. Great for when you just need a table sometimes – and you want to make it work graphically for you, the rest of the time!

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