Do It Yourself Lampshade – and Inspiration Piece

I saw this fabulous idea over at Daily Decorator:

Ikea Lamp with Buttons - Do it Yourself Project found on Daily Decorator

Such a fun and potentially interesting textural idea! They embellished a simple Ikea lamp with buttons – on the inside of the shade. So, this is my “inspiration pic” – all you really need to see 🙂

However, if you’d like to be thrifty (okay, thriftier) and even more do-it-yourself, and hey, even use recycled paper – you could make a lamp and/or lampshade yourself. Check out the instructions for this neat lamp(shade) from Instructables:

Paper Lampshade - how to make your own

I love that you can make a lampshade (safely!) out of paper – and of course you can make it specifically to fit any lamp or any corner of your home. And decorating the inside of the shade, to provide a bit of extra texture or visual interest – that makes it truly yours. That’s what decorating your home is all about, isn’t it?

(and not spending a lot of money – that too!)

Instructables is a great resource you should check out anyway – they have so many how-to’s over there and they work.

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