Kanji earrings say Onna, or Woman – new Model Pics!

Okay, not precisely “model” pics. I’m doing a new series of pics showing the earrings on a life-size mannequin head. Yes, the mannequin is slender and delicate – but it’s a step in the right direction! it’s hard to find a mannequin that’s funky and a little bit chubby (like most of us) – so I figure, pretty much life size is still a good idea. It helps so much to see what the earrings look like when they’re being worn! Models are expensive – the mannequin, not so much.

So, what do you think?

lacquered paper earrings that say Onna, or Woman, in Japanese katakana...available at paperjewels.com

I’ll be doing more of these pics – stay tuned!

Oh – did I forget to mention? The kanji Woman earrings are available in custom colors (and sizes) – but you knew that already 🙂 And hey, talk about a perfect first year, paper anniversary gift! Her fave colors – and the kanji says Woman – and they’re paper. Strengthened, lacquered, durable paper… but still paper. This is a win 🙂

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