Do it yourself tissue paper flowers

I know, I’ve mentioned make-it-yourself flowers before. But really, you can’t have too many, and it’s always good to know new ways to make them. And easy? Easy is good!

how to instructions for do it yourself tissue paper flowers

And pretty? I mentioned pretty, right? I found these inspiring, easy-to-make paper flowers – with a “how to” right on the pic – over at Pinterest (see link above). Of course they’d be darling for gift wrap decorations – but honestly the first thing I thought of, was a bunch of them – 5 or 9 or whatever – tossed in a glass bowl, as a centerpiece or room decoration. Talk about a pop of color – for practically no money!

Do it yourself – colorful – fun – and flowers. Yes, this is a win-win!

P.S. Choose your wedding colors. Enlist your friends and teach them how to make these. Make a bowl for each table at your wedding. Or scatter them on the buffet table. Pretty bridal decorations – no money (well almost no money) – and a fun thing to do with your girls. See what I mean? Win!

P.S.S. If you can find some thin old paper – colorful magazine pages maybe? – wouldn’t those be pretty too? And recycled. Just sayin 🙂

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