Now THIS is a prom dress. Recycling at its best!

I’m a member of Craftster. It’s a wonderful place to go explore ideas for do-it-yourself craft goodness – but I don’t mean “just crafts”. I mean glass work and recycled furniture and how to make a wedding dress and probably everything else you can think of.

How to make shoes. There’s threads and tutorials for those. So yeah, there are a gazillion good and useful and fun ideas to explore. You should go there and explore and learn and have fun.

But this! This one blew me away. It’s a prom dress. And as you can see from the pics, it’s a gorgeous prom dress.

Prom Dress made from ribbon and recycled pop tabs

Prom Dress made from ribbon and recycled pop tabs

Isn’t it beautiful (so is she!) And here’s the kicker: she made this dress from ribbon – and recycled pop can tabs. I am serious. LOOK at that dress! It’s lovely. It fits beautifully. And yet! Pop can tabs! Here’s a closeup of the “fabric”:

>Prom Dress made from ribbon and recycled pop tabs

Truly, you want to go read the whole thread. You don’t have to be a member to read the articles. It’s just that you will want to be a member after you see all the goodies over there!

And here’s a side note I thought was pretty interesting: she’s in high school – a junior if I remember correctly (if I’m wrong I’ll come back and correct that!) She had made another recycled prom dress the year before – out of Doritis packages. Really. And her principal told her she couldn’t wear the dress to her dance – possibly he thought she was going to Make a Statement, or do Something Outrageous, or whatever.

After he saw the dress he apologized to her. Publicly. And allowed her to wear the dress.

I mention this only to say: this girl has grit, and determination, and the willingness to See It Through. And she’s either talented, or knows how to get talented people (family) to help her, or both. And she’s beautiful.

We should probably keep our eyes open for her. She could go far. She can do anything.

But most of all – what a dress!

Do It Yourself Lampshade – and Inspiration Piece

I saw this fabulous idea over at Daily Decorator:

Ikea Lamp with Buttons - Do it Yourself Project found on Daily Decorator

Such a fun and potentially interesting textural idea! They embellished a simple Ikea lamp with buttons – on the inside of the shade. So, this is my “inspiration pic” – all you really need to see 🙂

However, if you’d like to be thrifty (okay, thriftier) and even more do-it-yourself, and hey, even use recycled paper – you could make a lamp and/or lampshade yourself. Check out the instructions for this neat lamp(shade) from Instructables:

Paper Lampshade - how to make your own

I love that you can make a lampshade (safely!) out of paper – and of course you can make it specifically to fit any lamp or any corner of your home. And decorating the inside of the shade, to provide a bit of extra texture or visual interest – that makes it truly yours. That’s what decorating your home is all about, isn’t it?

(and not spending a lot of money – that too!)

Instructables is a great resource you should check out anyway – they have so many how-to’s over there and they work.

Microchip Your Pets

We just did! Now I have to admit, we got a super deal – there was a dog fair thingie nearby, and it cost a whopping $10 per dog to get them chipped! That is a fabulous deal – even our vet recommended we go there, because he had to charge more.

So we did, and I am super relieved. If they get lost, they are now FINDABLE. And it’s supposed to last, like, forever. We’ll see about that – but it’ll be good for a long while, I bet.

I was going to post a new pic of Peter and Lois but can’t find the ones I just took! So here’s Peter – and Fluffy. New pic of the puppies soon 🙂

Peter the Border Collie Mix and Fluffy the Cat King of the House

It was a really fun morning. Our other purpose was to see how well they socialized with other dogs (we already knew they were friendly to human people). They did GREAT. No growling, very little barking even, and they actually listened to us.

I wish we lived close to a dog park – I think they’d really enjoy it. We would too. Will have to make more opportunities for them to play with other puppies!

Decorating with White – Do it Yourself – Part…um…next

I told you I was going to re-visit the Decorating with White idea. Probably many times. It just happens that I ran across an example on Apartment Therapy (yes, I do love that site!) that gives a better example than any words can do.

Here we have your basic wood kitchen cabinets – before:

Kitchen Cabinets - Before

and after:

Kitchen Cabinets - After

Yes, it’s a wonderful kitchen anyway, much nicer than mine. But still. Look at the difference!

Like I said (or thought) – a picture’s worth a thousand words. And paint is cheap. They didn’t even change the hardware! (They did take down the wallpaper though – and may I say, Yay!)

Think about using white!