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orange frog pin
'top cat' pin in deep cream color
dark pink lizard pin
Lacquered Paper Frog Pin
Pin approx. 1"

Item No. P36

Lacquered Paper "Top Cat" Pin
Deep rich cream colors...
Pin is approx. 3" high (long)

Item No. P128

Lacquered Paper Lizard Pin
in frivolous Dark Pink with Lavender undertones...
Hey, you *ought* to have fun
with this stuff!
Pin is approx. 3: long (high)

Item No. P127

penguin pin
elephant pendant on fluorite necklace
Lacquered Paper Penguin Pin
A customer favorite :-)
Pin is (naturally) cream to gold to black...
with a touch of red
and is approx. 2" (I have one or two larger, let me know if you prefer that)

Item No. P58

Elephant Pendant in Cream and Gray

16" necklace with green aventurine, gemstone turquoise nuggets, faceted fluorite at center and silver plated toggle clasp
Pendant is approx. 1-3/4" wide

Item No. N51

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cow skull pin
red 'top cat' pin
bison pin
Lacquered Paper Cow Skull Pin
When you're in a sort of western
mood, but funkier...
Cream/Soft Green, Tan, Taupe
Pin is approx. 2"

Item No. P4

Lacquered Paper Top Cat Pin
in bright Orange and Red
(Just for fun!)
Pin is approx. 3"

Item No. P91

Bison Pin
Pin is approx. 1"

Item No. P6

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