Cute Shoes – and they’re Vintage!

I found these totally adorable shoes today on Etsy:

Cute Vintage Shoes

They’re available from Tbone4Life and they’re only $12.00 (plus shipping)! If they were my size I would be buying them today. But they’re not, so you have a shot at them :-)

If they’re gone when you see this, go look at her shop anyway – she’s got some super cute goodies at great prices. And they’re vintage, so you’re being eco-friendly and fashion conscious all at the same time.

Comfy and cute shoes – totally of the good!

Now THIS is a prom dress. Recycling at its best!

I’m a member of Craftster. It’s a wonderful place to go explore ideas for do-it-yourself craft goodness – but I don’t mean “just crafts”. I mean glass work and recycled furniture and how to make a wedding dress and probably everything else you can think of.

How to make shoes. There’s threads and tutorials for those. So yeah, there are a gazillion good and useful and fun ideas to explore. You should go there and explore and learn and have fun.

But this! This one blew me away. It’s a prom dress. And as you can see from the pics, it’s a gorgeous prom dress.

Prom Dress made from ribbon and recycled pop tabs

Prom Dress made from ribbon and recycled pop tabs

Isn’t it beautiful (so is she!) And here’s the kicker: she made this dress from ribbon – and recycled pop can tabs. I am serious. LOOK at that dress! It’s lovely. It fits beautifully. And yet! Pop can tabs! Here’s a closeup of the “fabric”:

>Prom Dress made from ribbon and recycled pop tabs

Truly, you want to go read the whole thread. You don’t have to be a member to read the articles. It’s just that you will want to be a member after you see all the goodies over there!

And here’s a side note I thought was pretty interesting: she’s in high school – a junior if I remember correctly (if I’m wrong I’ll come back and correct that!) She had made another recycled prom dress the year before – out of Doritis packages. Really. And her principal told her she couldn’t wear the dress to her dance – possibly he thought she was going to Make a Statement, or do Something Outrageous, or whatever.

After he saw the dress he apologized to her. Publicly. And allowed her to wear the dress.

I mention this only to say: this girl has grit, and determination, and the willingness to See It Through. And she’s either talented, or knows how to get talented people (family) to help her, or both. And she’s beautiful.

We should probably keep our eyes open for her. She could go far. She can do anything.

But most of all – what a dress!

Do It Yourself Lampshade – and Inspiration Piece

I saw this fabulous idea over at Daily Decorator:

Ikea Lamp with Buttons - Do it Yourself Project found on Daily Decorator

Such a fun and potentially interesting textural idea! They embellished a simple Ikea lamp with buttons – on the inside of the shade. So, this is my “inspiration pic” – all you really need to see :-)

However, if you’d like to be thrifty (okay, thriftier) and even more do-it-yourself, and hey, even use recycled paper – you could make a lamp and/or lampshade yourself. Check out the instructions for this neat lamp(shade) from Instructables:

Paper Lampshade - how to make your own

I love that you can make a lampshade (safely!) out of paper – and of course you can make it specifically to fit any lamp or any corner of your home. And decorating the inside of the shade, to provide a bit of extra texture or visual interest – that makes it truly yours. That’s what decorating your home is all about, isn’t it?

(and not spending a lot of money – that too!)

Instructables is a great resource you should check out anyway – they have so many how-to’s over there and they work.

Fabulous Upcycled Fashion – One of a Kind Fashion Forward Clothing

You can’t get more “fashion forward” than upcycled, newly created one of a kind garments that are made from recycled clothing :-)

It’s the best of both (all) worlds – unique styles, handmade quality construction, AND eco-chic! Take a look at these wonderful items from Broken Ghost Couture on Etsy.

Women's upcycled one of a kind top from Broken Ghost Couture on Etsy

That top is so much fun! I love the colors, you know it’ll look great with leggings or skinny jeans, and the black lace adds a cool edginess.

Girls Upcycled Dress from brokenghostcouture on Etsy

This is such a darling dress! The colors are so happy, and it would be warm with those long sleeves, and those buttons and gathers on the skirt are adorable. Think how much your little girl would love wearing it!

The seller (creator!) on Etsy has lots of other goodies – one of a kind, original, unusual garments. You should definitely check out her shop!

PS By the way. Some people think that creating garments from recycled clothing is easier than starting from scratch with new fabric. I have to tell you, I do some sewing myself, and the truth is, it’s much more work to recycle/reconstruct, than to just cut out fabric and sew. You have to pick and choose carefully what you can use from the cast-off clothing, often you have to de-construct, and your ‘eye’ for construction must be more finely honed. It’s a demanding skill!

Pretty Trinkets from a Super Destash Shop

Now you know I love finding little hidden goodies online – especially when they are unusual, and vintage (yay for reusing and repurposing vintage!) – and when they’re also a great deal, well you know I am impressed.

I stumbled across this lovely Destash Shop – Stoss on Etsy the other day – and look at the pretty Monet vintage trinket box I found!

Monet Trinket Box with Butterfly and Jewels

Wouldn’t that be perfect to hold your own little treasured pair of earrings or ring?

And, completely different – these pink earrings are cute and maybe a little kitschy and fun:

Pink Beaded Bubble Earrings
for those days you feel like playing June Cleaver. Or Natasha in disguise :-)

Little goodies like this are just fun – go, check out the pretty (and even useful!) goodies over at Stoss!

Sparkling Vintage Glass DIY Earrings – and Shameless Self Promotion

Absolutely I’ll admit it – this is self promotion, because these lovely jewels are available in my Artfire Shop. But they’re also lovely – and it’s easy to turn them into glamorous earrings!

Light Topaz Honey Gold Vintage Glass Teardrop or Pear Jewels in Patina Brass Settings
and here’s another view, that shows the tiny variations in these pretty vintage stones:
Honey Gold - Light Topaz - Vintage Glass Jewels in Patina Brass Settings

Simply slip these pretty teardrops onto your earwires of choice – and if you order from my shop, I’ll add a free pair of earwires to your order – in golden or patina brass to match the settings – in your choice of leverbacks, elongated kidney wires, or classic simple earwires.

It’s just that simple to make yourself (or your mom?) a great pair of holiday earrings. :-)

Folding Table – Great for Small Space Decorating – DIY!

I found this great example of a folding table – use it when you need it, then fold it back against the wall and use it as a picture frame!

Folding Table
Folding Table – found at Geekgirlfinds Blog

The exact method of how to make the table (it didn’t even occur to me that maybe you could buy it!) isn’t given – but if you look at the pic you can see pretty clearly how it could be done. Use piano hinges on the edge of the table that’s supported by the wide wall cleat, and the two upper hooks could swivel to support the table – or picture frame – when it rests up against the wall. Play around with ideas, you’ll think of easy ways to do it.

It’s the idea that’s super valuable. Make a table (top) that’s just the size you need, sand it, paint it, and use the legs as your picture frame. Graphic, cool, and it wouldn’t cost much. Great for when you just need a table sometimes – and you want to make it work graphically for you, the rest of the time!

Vintage Cocktail Dress – and Great Vintage Shop

Take a look at this gorgeous dress!

Vintage Black Cocktail Dress

It’s black, it’s dramatic, it’s gorgeous, and it’s ONLY $16.00. Amazing! and Fabulous!

Do I sound enthusiastic? Well, yeah. Scoot on over to Mr Idaho’s Vintage on Etsy. Even if the dress is gone by the time you see this, they’ve got LOTS more goodies.

Vintage – so it’s recycled – and it’s gorgeous – and it’ll be flattering – and it’s $16.00!

How can you not love this dress!

Made with Human Hands, Part 1 – Gorgeous and Upcycled!

I have found the most marvelous artist on Etsy. Her medium here is fabric and fiber and a little faery dust, I think.

Katwise Faery Coat

Her name is Katwise, and her Etsy shop is here.

You can see her work is colorful and fun and gorgeous and filled with LIFE. It’s also made with upcycled sweaters and thrift store goodness and many hours of work and, I suspect, love. I had a hard time selecting which picture to feature here – her work is full of color and each offering is different. I think it was the happy feeling of the picture above that spoke to me.

Here’s just a bit of her story (this is from her Etsy profile stuff):

My name is Kat. I am a crazy-yet-calm hitchhiker girl who has circled the globe too many times to count. I have always found new ways to thrive on my art and costumes. I strive to infuse everything I do with a sense of celebration. It is my hope that you put on something I make and feel some of that spirit coming through.

Go to her store or her website if you’d like to learn more about her art or her time in Tibet or Brazil. Or just go there for fun – you’ll smile and your life will be a little richer. Trust me.

Vintage Glass Jewels – and Photographing Silver…Yikes

Silver is beautiful. It’s also – how to put this politely – okay. Call it a Challenge to photograph :-)

I have some lovely vintage glass jewels in my Jewelry Supplies Shop on Etsy:

Vintage Glass Jewels in my Etsy shop

I’ve recently gotten some silver plated settings for my pretty vintage jewels – and I’d forgotten what a challenge silver can be to photograph! If it’s clean and shining (like these settings) – it reflects nearby colors almost like a mirror. Place the settings on a wood background – which is usually a good choice – and guess what? The silver looks tan, beige or bronze – the color(s) of aged brass! Well brass is wonderful – I use (and sell) a lot of it – but the point here is to show the silver!

I’m working on it. The composite above shows some of the pics that worked – and as you can see, those silver settings are highlighted by a lot of colors besides just “silver”.

This is going to be an ongoing project – better pics, more silver (plated) settings, more silver all around – and more of a learning curve. So – stay tuned, this will be continued!