Handmade Paper Ornaments – Wedding Decorations – or Star Urchins – Folk Art

If you love paper as much as I do – you will appreciate these absolutely exquisite handmade ornaments. Ornaments – or wedding decorations – or, as the artist names them, “star urchins” :-)

handmade paper ornament or wedding decoration from Kissadesign on Etsy

handmade paper ornament or wedding decoration from Kissadesign on Etsy - full view

Handmade Paper Ornament or Wedding Decoratin from Kissadesign on Etsy

Aren’t those gorgeous? Yes they’d be lovely to decorate your handmade wedding. They’d also be equally wonderful – just because they’re so cool – decorating your desk! And if you like the white – but you’re even fonder of color, well she’s got them, all individually handmade, in lots of pretty colors. And in this fantastic rainbow color combo:

handmade paper ornament or wedding decoration from Kissadesign on Etsy

The shop is Kissadesign on Etsy – handmade folk art at its best.

I don’t know how she learned to do these so beautifully and affordably – but she has, and I’m just happy to have found them. Talk about a wonderful, eco-friendly, unique decoration or gift!

Paper and Lace – Handmade Cards

You know how I love paper. I’m always looking for interesting new works in paper – artwork, recycled decorating ideas, fashion even – why, I almost forgot one of the original purposes of paper – to write on!

Then I found these gorgeous handmade blank cards and you know, it reminds me how nice it is to get a handwritten note – and to send one.

handmade paper lace edge blank cards from AlmondCrafts on Etsy

handmade paper lace edge blank cards from AlmondCrafts on Etsy

Handmade Paper Lace Edge Cards from AlmondCrafts on Etsy

The shop is AlmondCrafts on Etsy, and the artist has some beautiful (and may I say, extremely affordable) work.

It makes me want to send, well, a love letter. These cards would be perfect!

P.S. Or hand-written wedding invitations. So much nicer than printed ones!

DIY Paper Flowers – Recycled of course!

Do it yourself paper flowers – take a look at how wonderful these are!

do it yourself paper flowers with how-to instructions

These lovely blossoms are made from maps, or old book pages, or (I would think) any colorful paper / pages that need a new life. I found this wonderful idea over at Apartment Therapy which you know is one of my absolute favorite ideas-source. The article there even links to a tutorial!

And even better – if you love these flowers but don’t want to make them yourself – they also give the source of this yummy recycled goodness: and it’s an Etsy shop!

The shop is Greencycle Designs and she has wonderful work over there. Whether or not you decide to tackle making your own flowers (remember to use recycled pages!) you definitely want to go check out her shop, her prices are very reasonable and her work is gorgeous.

This is a win-win all the way around. Paper (which of course I love) and recycled – and Etsy – and do it yourself – wow!

Kanji jewelry that says “Love”

Not surprisingly, the japanese symbol for “love” is one of the most popular kanji choices. Whether it’s used for earrings, a pendant or necklace, people seem to, well, love this kanji!

The kanji for love, in paper earrings and pendants

It goes without saying (well, okay, I have to say it) that “love” is a wonderful kanji to use for gifts, too. :-)

Another White Room – More DIY – and it’s Great!

I know, I keep talking about white rooms – I’m not a purist, truly! I just like the clean feel – and a white room is such a great canvas for whatever personality you add to it.

I just saw this room

White Room with Concrete Floor

at Apartment Therapy.

I love the room! It’s not “grand” – it looks luxurious but partly that’s because it’s not cluttered, and because it has white sofas – but if you look more closely at them, they look to me like they might be do-it-yourself projects – those could be mattresses. And loose slipcovers like that? Entirely washable.

I think I’d replace the little occasional tables, or put a glass top on them – I’m too much of a klutz, I’d drop little things through the wire (if that’s what it is). But that maybe just me.

Look at the ceiling – that too could be a DIY project. Add some scuzzy 2x4s you got on sale or from a reject pile – then paint the whole ceiling white. Instant atmosphere. And it doesn’t hurt that the view through the windows is of the Aegean Sea (I think this apartment is in Greece?)

The actual article was about (drum roll here) concrete floors. Yes, this one too – including the “rug”.

There’s a companion article with tips on how to paint a concrete floor.

All this is do-it-yourself on a big scale maybe; but it’s also useful and affordable and hey, don’t you love that room!

Cute Shoes – and they’re Vintage!

I found these totally adorable shoes today on Etsy:

Cute Vintage Shoes

They’re available from Tbone4Life and they’re only $12.00 (plus shipping)! If they were my size I would be buying them today. But they’re not, so you have a shot at them :-)

If they’re gone when you see this, go look at her shop anyway – she’s got some super cute goodies at great prices. And they’re vintage, so you’re being eco-friendly and fashion conscious all at the same time.

Comfy and cute shoes – totally of the good!

Home Decorating – with Craigslist

I just wanted to point out something you probably know already – the great finds you can score at Craigslist. If you’re in the U.S. – and a lot of cities worldwide – there’s a local craigslist, or close to “local”. And if you’re shopping for goodies for your house – you really ought to check it out before you go and pay Retail!

For instance – here are a few goodies I found today in my local CL. If I were Seriously Shopping, and not just looking around, I would call the owner to check any of these out!

Table and Chairs on CraigslistTable and Chairs on Craigslist
They’re asking $75 for the table and five chairs. $75! And that bench has lovely bones, I think. They’re asking a whopping $20.

Patio Set on Craigslist Patio Set on Craigslist

The patio set? The owners mentioned the chairs need new cushions (or covers) and maybe a coat of paint too. But hey, they’re asking $50 for all the pieces shown. And the sofa? It might not look as good in person, or it could be all smoky-smelling, or torn up and down the back. But it might be as good as it looks. And doesn’t it look good? They’re asking $150. Might take less :-)

Yes you have to inspect your purchase carefully, and not be afraid to say “Sorry, don’t want it.” But sometimes you really will want it – and you might get a great deal!

PS You are also Going Green – you’re reusing and recycling, and maybe rethinking too :-)

Now THIS is a prom dress. Recycling at its best!

I’m a member of Craftster. It’s a wonderful place to go explore ideas for do-it-yourself craft goodness – but I don’t mean “just crafts”. I mean glass work and recycled furniture and how to make a wedding dress and probably everything else you can think of.

How to make shoes. There’s threads and tutorials for those. So yeah, there are a gazillion good and useful and fun ideas to explore. You should go there and explore and learn and have fun.

But this! This one blew me away. It’s a prom dress. And as you can see from the pics, it’s a gorgeous prom dress.

Prom Dress made from ribbon and recycled pop tabs

Prom Dress made from ribbon and recycled pop tabs

Isn’t it beautiful (so is she!) And here’s the kicker: she made this dress from ribbon – and recycled pop can tabs. I am serious. LOOK at that dress! It’s lovely. It fits beautifully. And yet! Pop can tabs! Here’s a closeup of the “fabric”:

>Prom Dress made from ribbon and recycled pop tabs

Truly, you want to go read the whole thread. You don’t have to be a member to read the articles. It’s just that you will want to be a member after you see all the goodies over there!

And here’s a side note I thought was pretty interesting: she’s in high school – a junior if I remember correctly (if I’m wrong I’ll come back and correct that!) She had made another recycled prom dress the year before – out of Doritis packages. Really. And her principal told her she couldn’t wear the dress to her dance – possibly he thought she was going to Make a Statement, or do Something Outrageous, or whatever.

After he saw the dress he apologized to her. Publicly. And allowed her to wear the dress.

I mention this only to say: this girl has grit, and determination, and the willingness to See It Through. And she’s either talented, or knows how to get talented people (family) to help her, or both. And she’s beautiful.

We should probably keep our eyes open for her. She could go far. She can do anything.

But most of all – what a dress!

Do It Yourself Lampshade – and Inspiration Piece

I saw this fabulous idea over at Daily Decorator:

Ikea Lamp with Buttons - Do it Yourself Project found on Daily Decorator

Such a fun and potentially interesting textural idea! They embellished a simple Ikea lamp with buttons – on the inside of the shade. So, this is my “inspiration pic” – all you really need to see :-)

However, if you’d like to be thrifty (okay, thriftier) and even more do-it-yourself, and hey, even use recycled paper – you could make a lamp and/or lampshade yourself. Check out the instructions for this neat lamp(shade) from Instructables:

Paper Lampshade - how to make your own

I love that you can make a lampshade (safely!) out of paper – and of course you can make it specifically to fit any lamp or any corner of your home. And decorating the inside of the shade, to provide a bit of extra texture or visual interest – that makes it truly yours. That’s what decorating your home is all about, isn’t it?

(and not spending a lot of money – that too!)

Instructables is a great resource you should check out anyway – they have so many how-to’s over there and they work.

Color in Springtime – and Vintage Glass Jewels, too

Because I’m in the mood for color this spring – I’ve said that before. Somehow after the blue jeans and scrungy tee shirts (which are a lot of my year-round wardrobe), I want something fresh and new and pretty.

And I’ve got just the thing. You know accessories are the most useful fashion there ever. You can change your basic black with a pop of color – and zing up your white!

Art deco pattern lacquered paper necklace - with vintage glass jewel
Art Deco patterned, lacquered paper necklace with vintage glass jewel

Of course I can make the necklace in any color combo – with a coordinating vintage glass jewel. I do love these soft blues and green, though. They remind me of a summer garden, only without the work :-)

And it’s a lovely gift for someone you love – hey, I had to say that. But it really is – she’ll love it!